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Pricing and registration

Single Cat

£12.00 per day/part of day

Two Cats

£20.00 per day/part of day (sharing a pen)

Three Cats

£26.00 per day/part of day (sharing a pen)

Once again due to the unprecedented rise in all costs from the 1st May 2023 we will have to increase our prices

We wish to continue to provide branded cat food and quality litter for our guests as well as maintain our high standards of care

New prices will be as follows:

1 cat £14 per day/part of day
2 cats £24 per day/part of day (sharing a pen)
3 cats £32 per day/part of day (sharing a pen)

All bookings already made with us will be unaffected.

What we include for your cat as standard


We regularly groom your cat because we care. For certain breeds requiring extra grooming it may incur an additional fee.

Health and Wellness

We don’t charge for administering regular medication, more complex medical requirements may attract a fee.


We provide both wet and dry food for your cat. For cats with special dietary requirements all food will need to be provided by the owner.

Cat Boarding

All our cat beds are sumptuous and the sleeping compartments are individually heated

Outside Space

All our cat pens include a spacious run

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